Why Accessibility Matters

Learn How building an inclusive web experience is good for business and helps you avoid legal trouble.

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What is Web Accessibility?

A digitally accessible website means it provides equal access to all users, regardless of physical or mental impairment. Accessibility matters because rather than dividing users, it brings us all together. Digital Accessibility provides an opportunity in the market place for more users to engage with a business' website.

Are You Liable For Your Website?

Under Section 508 Rehabillitation Act of 1973, Federal agencies must provide disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is available to others. ADA Title III Americans with Disabilities ACt of 1990 mandates that public and private institutions must be accessible to those with sensory, cognitive, and physical limitations.

Online business are also at risk for lawsuits, as US District Judges have ruled that a website should be considered a place of public accomodation, and are therefore liable to comply with ADA Standards.

Who Accessibility Impacts

Choosing to not provide an equal experience to all users, is telling the community that people with a disability are not deserving of an equal experience. Impairments include visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive.

What can I do about accessibility?

Every member of the community should have an equal digital experience. At Border7, we offer accessibility and remediation services to help businesses and Federal agencies become ADA compliant and provide an experience that is accessible to all.

We have experience with interpreting WCAG 2.0 Web Accessibility Standards, ARIA 1.0 Development Best Practices, as well as both ADA and Section 508 rules. We offer the following accessibility services:

  • Web & Digital Accessibility Remediation
  • Stragic Accessibility Remediation Planning
  • Accessibility Compliance & Governance Standards
  • Platform & Organizational Accessibility Audit Services
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